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If you're new to yoga or have not practiced in a while we suggest you join us for Slow Flow or Yin. We encourage you to move at a gentle pace and move mindfully. Let your teacher know you are a beginner when you join the class and they will help you to adapt your practice.

Why yoga is good for you. Group practicing yoga at our Blue Mountains studio.

Dynamic Yoga

Open to all levels of experience this class will present an opportunity for you to explore new elements of your practice with deeper expressions, longer holds and challenging modifications of asana. Each of our teachers brings their own unique experience and energy to their classes so you can expect anything from a breath-led vinyasa, an in-depth breakdown of alignment or a sequence to connect to your energy channels.

yin yoga in the Blue Mountains

Yin Yoga

The Yin practice consists of passive floor poses which are stable and held from anywhere between 2-7 minutes. Our experienced teachers will safety guide you through this meditative practice which allows time for you to observe physical sensation while slowing the system completely. During the class you will notice a focus on the pelvis, hips, inner thighs and lower spine enabling a stretch in the connective tissue while the muscles relax.

Slow Flow

Our Slow Flow yoga classes are an opportunity to nourish the body and deepen awareness via the experience of safe, fluid, moderate movement. A consistent practice will guide each student to improve their posture and strengthen the immune system. Slow flow will have you feeling connected, alive and refreshed!


Rhythm Meditation Class

Rhythm Meditation Sessions are based on the TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process as founded by Reinhard Flatischler.

Through rhythm and connection, we’ll explore a new way to meditate!

Join Athil, founder of Happy Buddha Retreats for an inspiring
and fun 60-minute session.

This class will include meditation for grounding and interactive (and fun!) activities to embrace rhythm.
No rhythm is required, nor the ability to sing. It’s as simple as Step, Clap and Sing (in whatever voice you bring!).



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