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Reset your intentions for the rest of the year

Reset your intentions for the rest of the year

Setting intentions in winter

It seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating the start of this year. Here we are now, past the halfway point. We’ve all experienced some successes and some failures. We’ve stayed true to some of our intentions… and forgotten others.

Some of us may even be looking forward to the next year to start fresh again! There’s no need to wait. Mid-year intention setting is the perfect practice for checking in with yourself and resetting your intentions, so that you can make the most of the year’s end.

If you’re not sure where to begin, follow these six steps to resetting your intentions for the year.

Step 1: Celebrate How Far You’ve Come

Take some time to sit quietly and journey mentally through the months since the beginning of the year.

Remember January. What were you planning for? What were the first steps you took to bring your intention into reality?

February. What were your main achievements in February? What do you remember most vividly?

Take a mental walk through March, April, May, June… what comes to mind? Did you join a yoga class? Get a new job? Quit sugar? Celebrated a birthday? Put a smile on a child’s face? No matter how big or small your achievements may seem, they all matter and they all add up!

Write down everything you can remember. Once you’re done, look over your list and trust you have come far. You’ve learned and you’ve grown. Now, you’re ready for the next step.

Step 2: Review Your Original Intentions

Do you remember the intentions that you set at the beginning of the year? Do they still ring true for you?

Take your time to sit with each of your intentions. When you imagine your intention coming true, how does it feel? Does it feel expansive? Does it bring you joy? If so, recommit to it. Otherwise, let it go.

You may find that some of your intentions have come true already and it is time to replace them with something new. Make a list of things you would love to achieve before the year ends.

Step 3: Reset Your Intention

Have a look at the list of your intentions that are yet to come true, including the ones you’ve just added. Which ones do you feel most drawn to? Pick up to three intentions from your list to focus on for the next few months. Remember: don’t choose too many or your attention will be spread too thin

Step 4: Make a Plan

For each of your intentions, create a plan. What needs to be in place for your intention to come true? How are you going to achieve it? Even if you’re unclear about the whole plan, write down at least 2-3 initial steps for each of your intentions. Once you take those steps, you may gain more clarity about what your next actions should be.

Step 5: Take the First Step

It may be tempting… but don’t leave it for later. While you’re still feeling connected to your intentions and motivated, start taking action today. What is the first little step you can take towards your intentions? Go ahead and take that step. Use your initial spark of inspiration, from here your momentum will grow.

Step 6: Enlist Support

With the right support, you’re much more likely to stick to your intentions and see them through to completion. Who can you ask to help you and hold you accountable? Do you have a friend who can be your buddy on this journey? Talk to them and decide what ways you can support each other.

Article by Tatiana Apostolova and orignally published over on Happy Buddha Retreats.